Our mission is to make it easier than ever to get a high-quality, bespoke video report that helps you spread your message. As our core business, we create online promotional business-to-business videos. We can do everything from our standard video with set boundaries to any custom alternative.


Weever creates a variety of television programs for broadcasters around the world. Hallo Holland on RTL 4, City-News on RTL 4, and business programs and advertisements on the digital channel Business-Channel.nl are just a few examples. A digital broadcaster called Business-channel premieres regular programs like “Dairy of a CEO,” which features interviews with notable CEOs, and a variety of commercial business reports to “Broadcast your Business.”

event recap

Weever can make your company stand out at events too! We produce customized videos that best represent your company. Each event has a story. The most typical misperception about event videos is that they don’t have a storyline to tell the viewer. Even though there are some cool visuals and a catchy tune, the lack of a more compelling storyline keeps the average viewer from sticking around for very long. By integrating participant interviews or additional text overlays, you can overcome this problem and make a more captivating story.


A fantastic approach to having your voice heard is to create your own podcast to post online. Without network interference, you can create exactly the show you want, and you might even get additional employment as a result. The engagement with a podcast will be much higher since your audience will get a feel for your company and your products.